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Dimensional Letters
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Wilmington Dimensional Letters


Do you want a versatile sign that will turn heads while staying simple and classy? Dimensional letters may be the type of business sign you are looking for.

indoor lobby signsDimensional letters or 3D letters are often made with one solid material, and the individual elements are either molded, cast, or fabricated to create depth. You can also put additional features to these signs to make them more eye-catching. They can be used for different outdoor or indoor applications.

Wilmington Sign Company is a Wilmington, NC sign company committed to providing all clients with high-quality, affordable dimensional letters. When you reach out to us, one of our sign experts will be your guide through our service. They will ask you for the necessary details required to begin the project, and they will also answer all your questions about the collaboration.

We will then use the information you provide to create your signs and deliver them to you in no time. Your investment is safe with us. You will notice a fundamental difference in how people see your business each time they pass by your new dimensional letters.

Call Wilmington Sign Company today at (910) 839-5926 for your Free Consultation with a Wilmington Dimensional Letter expert!

Appealing Storefront Signage

Do you want your storefront sign to blend with your building’s facade while catching people’s attention?

custom outdoor restaurant signsDimensional letters are often used as storefront signage by those who want to achieve a perfect image for their storefront. They can be made in various textures, dimensions, and depths to achieve the best effect. You can even get these signs to have additional features to add to their appeal. They can also be combined with other business signs to provide more information.

We can make personalized dimensional letters that you can use for your storefront, complete with the features you want to get noticed by your target market at any given time. We have graphic designers, sign experts, electricians, and a maintenance team who can help you design and produce your dimensional letters so you can enjoy their benefits once installed in your location.

Attractive Indoor Lettering

Dimensional letters work wonders if you are looking for a unique indoor display. It won’t just improve the ambiance of the space it is on; it can also make it easier for people to find a way to get information and feel more connected to the business.

Custom dimensional letter lobby signNo matter what you plan to do with these signs, they can be personalized to suit your branding and come with additional features to help them stand out further.

Our experts at Wilmington Sign Company can use all the information you provide to us to create unique dimensional letters to help you achieve your goals. We will also visit your location to identify where it should be installed for the best effect and sit down with you to know your brand, which will then help us tailor the signs to the smallest detail.

Whenever you need personalized Wilmington dimensional letters, you can trust us to make the process stress-free and accessible even if you are on a budget.

Durable Dimensional Letters

When it comes to showing your target audience that you are a business they can rely on, and that will last for a long time, having durable displays will help.

indoor lobby dimensional signageHaving durable displays will show your prospective customers that you are committed to the growth of your brand and that you know how important it is to keep a professional image to stay competitive in the industry. If you continue using weak materials or bland designs, you might be giving potential customers a reason not to check your offerings.

Dimensional letters and the other signs and graphics we make are all made from industry-grade materials, making them stay vibrant and stand firm for a long time. Some materials we can use for dimensional letters include vinyl, polycarbonate, steel, acrylic, and metal. We can determine which will work best with your design and the sign’s location. For example, we recommend metal for indoor dimensional signs and light foam or acrylic for those who want lightweight but durable dimensional signs.

We also ensure that these signs’ inner components are durable and easy to maintain.

Full-Service Sign Company

When you need signs and graphics for your business, you must trust a sign company that can visualize even the vaguest ideas and turn them into a sign design that can help you achieve your goals. They must also deliver the highest quality of signs that will not exceed the client’s budget and can be installed quickly.

custom outdoor dimensional signsWith Wilmington Sign Company as your sign provider, you will be satisfied with our work. We are dedicated to providing high-quality signs whenever you reach out to us. You will be assigned to one of our sign experts, who will work alongside their colleagues to help you make the signs to your specifications. Our team can work with either existing designs, which we can update for you, or create a brand-new design that will match your goals and branding. Once the design is made, our team will show you the best materials we can use for your signs, and when you select one, we can get to work immediately to produce it.

Once we finish your Wilmington dimensional letters, our installers will prepare the location for installation before bringing in the signs. We will handle the permits for you if needed, and we have electricians on standby to install the electrical components of the signs safely. When we are done with the installation, we will clean the space. If you spot any problems or need help maintaining these signs, let us know, and we will send a team to assist.

Want to pair your dimensional letters with your other business signs and graphics? We can make them for you, and they will work cohesively with your entire display and help you achieve your goals.

Free Dimensional Letter Consultation

Wilmington Dimensional Letters wilmingtonsign logo 300x294Signs don’t have to be too obvious or pronounced to be noticed. With carefully designed and personalized dimensional letters for your storefront or key areas, you can create a flawless image that will make your business more memorable.

Wilmington Sign Company is always ready to help you with your sign needs whenever you need them. We guarantee that your dimensional letters will be made to your specifications as we stay within your budget and schedule.

Don’t hesitate to contact us through our hotline and avail yourself of our free consultation service. We will be ready to take on your call and help you get started on making your business stand out with the help of your new dimensional signs.

Call Wilmington Sign Company today at (910) 839-5926 for your Free Consultation with a Wilmington Dimensional Letter expert!